With all the mortgage problems the nation has, is it a good idea to buy a…

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    …home with the interest rates so low? Is it a good idea to take advantage of the low rates?

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    You couldn’t pick a better time to buy. Rates and prices are very low. This works in your favor in two ways. Not too often you see this happening.

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    I dont think its a scary market. If you are buying long term I would suggest it. Its a great time. If you are buying to flip and make a profit, I wouldnt.

    But rates are great, its absolutely a buyers market.

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    Great time to buy…prices are down and like the old investment strategy goes “buy low sell high”

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    From your story, you do not sound as if you two are prepared to be home owners.
    You say the plumbing had to be redone and yet a pipe burst under your house? Strange.
    Somebody is to blame for that: either you failed to check it very well or the plumber didn’t or both.
    The good news is you are free to do the repairs yourself – since you are out of work. Sounds like you didn’t even consider that which brings us back to my first comment.

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    this is at odimwitdwon

    who the hell do you think you are???? Things go wrong. Jobs are lost. Life happens and who are you to judge this person on the shit they have gone through. It sucks to be stuck in a situation like that. I’m there right now, and sometimes no matter how much you prepare, things just happen. Grow up and move on. Your mom ever tell you if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all???? prolly not, and whats sad is your kids are prolly going to grow up with the same snotty ass attitude you have and think they are better then everyone else. Leave this person alone. she came on here for answers and you put her down and tell her she’s where she is because of no one’s fault but her own. Shut the hell up.

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    I have a house I have had seven years and still owe about what I got it for. Its not livable. But I guess I still have to pay it. Or do I, think I’m gonna let bank have it. They screwed me already. They can have it

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