will I be able to fix my credit in 2 years?

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      So basically I ruined my credit about 5-6 years ago. Then when I went to college I didn’t have the money to establish any new lines of credit. I recently graduated and have started a 80k a year job (before taxes). I was able to secure a credit card with a low maximum ($500) which I have been making SMALL purchases on never letting it go over 50% of the total maximum and paying most if not all of it off every month for 3 months now. If I follow my budget I will have saved enough in 2 years to buy a house. Will my credit be good enough by then to buy? it’s in the high 500’s now. I was also thinking of buying a used car no more then 15k prob 10k. If I paid this off in 2 years would that help my credit? I’m not to worried about paying extra in finance charges if it helps my credit to buy a house. I have read almost every document on fixing credit and I am on the right track. Also I have checked my credit took off all inaccuracies and know that 6 out of the 7 bad items on there will be gone in a years time. So basically what I am asking is what will my credit score be in 2 years? Has some one been in the same boat as me, what was yours in 2 years?

      Thanks for the help!

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