Will Homeowners Insurance cover water damage from Hurricane?

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    My father just bought his first house this year. About 5 months ago, we’ve lived in an apartment in the United States our whole lives, so dont know everything about owning a home. We just had our first hurricane as homeowners, and man do i wish we lived in an apartment. We had a flooded basement, because power went out causing the sump pump to stop working, leading to about a foot of water. We were prepared and moved everything atleast 3 feet high etc. We a finished basement, and I can see the physical damage to walls, and floors, maybe even our washing machine, I dont know.

    My question is, will my homeowners insurance cover these damages, if we would like to have them fixed, for example have the bottom part of walls redone, or tiles redone, because they look horrible. Some of them came off when we were cleaning up. Plus, I dont know who our home insurance is, how do we find out?

    The Point:

    Will Homeowners insurance cover water damage from a Hurricane, redoing some portions of the walls and floor, to prevent mold?


    How do I find out who my homeowners insurance is?

    also will they cover mold inspection and professional cleanup?

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