Will American Express Sue me over $1300 if I've Entered Into a Debt Management Program?

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      For various reasons, I fell behind on my debts. I decided a debt management program was the best option for me and enrolled in one. Now I’m getting calls from some guy at a law office (I don’t think he’s actually a lawyer) saying they don’t work with debt management companies and that he’ll “start the paperwork to sue me and WILL garnish my wages” if I don’t make payments through him instead. I called my debt management company and they said American Express accepts proposals through them all the time, and the guy is just using scare tactics. At one point he even said to me “So, your saying you aren’t willing to pay this debt?” and I said “That’s not what i’m saying at all”. Will they actually sue me over $ 1300 when i’m making a clear effort to pay the money owed through my debt management program? And if so, would a judge actually garnish my wages if I could prove I was trying to pay the debt through the program?
      I would REALLY appreciate any help anyone can give.
      Just to clairfy, this is a debt management program, NOT a debt settlement or negotiation company. This company works with me to figure out how much I can afford to pay each creditor twice a month and pays them – in the end I pay the entire balance I owe.
      I’m in Canada and I’m using Debt Managers, they’re one of the largest credit counselling agencies in Canada.

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