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      …or will they accept cash? I’m going to try and make this not to long.

      Wyndham hotel group had a promotion called best rate guaranteed or it’s free. The promotion has ended but before it did I found some lower rates and got 2 free hotel rooms which are for tomorrow and the 4th of July.

      One is under my name, the other is under a friends. They require a valid credit card to hold the room which I used mine for both reservations.

      One reservation is under my friends name and I’ve found out he doesn’t have a debit card to present at check in.

      Granted the rooms are free, but I feel they may still ask for a CC for incidentals.

      Does the CC have to have his name on it? Could I use my credit card to pay for incidentals even though the reservation is under his name?

      The room is an ocean front suite in ocean city md 500 a night so I know there going to try and get out of it on the day the free room is under his name.

      The thing is I have plenty money, so I could easily use my credit card i they allow it, or I can get a prepaid visa card with like 500 on it… or I can pay cash for indicentals… I would give them up to like 1k to shut them up as long as I get it back.

      Do you forsee me having any problems getting the free room under my friends name… given he has valid ID and I have the money to exercise whatever option they want.

      Like worst case they could say no you need a credit card with his name on it… couldn’t I say listen I have my credit card with plenty of funds you can use or I can give you like 1k cash for security if it makes you feel better.

      It’s a howard johnson if it matters.

      I feel since I got free rooms before their promotion ended on the 4th of july they may be bitter and try everything to get out of it.
      A hotel can’t actually back out of a confirmed reservation because of the lack of a personalized credit card with somoenes name right?

      My friend would either present a visa prepaid card with ample money to cover the security or just offer a large some of cash to hold. Given I can make these options happen they should have no reason to turn down the free nights stay under his name right?

      The requirements for hojo just says we require a valid credit card to confirm your reservation. Says nothing further regarding incidentals or it being needed at check in.

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