Why to always check your credit or have monitoring…. Thoughts?

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    I know I don’t need to tell anyone here about checking credit, most of us are embarassed by how often we check our credit! lol


    I don’t know if anyone of you know anyone like this so I realize this might be a pretty broad statement.

    But within the last year I have had 2 friends that had over 800 Fico’…


    1. The first doesn’t really use credit very often, has no debt, no loans but has nice credit cards with major banks and high CL’s but doesn’t apply for anything because they simply don’t need more… however after some convincing I got this friend to pull credit from here and to the “SHOCK” a Collection account for $86 for a Gas bill from years ago, current score 720! Now even I would say well with a 720 you are not doing bad but for someone that had 800 something and you loose 80+ points over a $86 bill… pretty upsetting.


    2. second just recently applied for Citi Forward and didn’t get instant approval, thought that was odd… today Citi sent e-mail application denied because of collection… you should have seen the panic! so I got the free Experian report page up due to denial and 30 seonds later… boom it’s a hospital bill from like 8 years ago and for some reason just finally posted last month! don’t know the score loss on that one yet but considering was about to buy car… that has changed!!


    I have heard that you would be surprised if you saw most celebrity or wealthy peoples credit because a lot are horrible (I know im being a little broad again!) but is that because they have the 1-3 cards they need (Amex Black or a debit card) so they just never even look or they have management companies that handle all the accounts etc. so don’t worry about more credit.


    Just a couple thoughts I was having tonight! Just Wondered if anyone else gets friends and family to pull credit once in a while with sharing your own experiences of bringing it back to good or mantaining good?!

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