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    With so many people struggling with credit issues these days, I have a question.


    Because of our circumstances, we are trying to buy a house (lost our home in a tornado, then sold the land it was on). I’ve spoke to MANY realtors, mortgage brokers, and lenders. Not one of them directed me to negotiate PIF for removal, to send out a goodwill letter, or even to come here and do research. Now mind you, if I had come here before I blindly paid off a few things, I could be in*GOOD mortgage and spending my time decorating my new home. The realtor would have gotten his commission and the mortgage broker would have made his too. But these people who KNEW the most intimate details of my situation never directed me to take the proper steps in the right order. So now all I can do is wait and send out GW letters.


    My question is this, could all these people really be this ignorant of the steps I should have taken? I’m just at a loss as to how people who rely so heavily in FICO scores for their industry to operate could be so ignorant about how to get a otherwise legit buyer up to speed. (By legit I mean 15 years on the same job, 20 to 30% down, zero debt and excellent income just a few things that need fixed on credit reports)


    It just seems odd that they would have such a vested interest in me buying a home and yet not be able to give me the advice to get me there???? Thoughts?

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