why is there help for people who have credit card debt and no help for people with

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      other debt? Such as people who are in collections that couldnt afford utility bills or medical debts. I am asking because Alliant Energy screwed us we were making payments to them for an overdue amount. Even though we were making the payments, they said it was not what they had wanted, they wanted us to agree to 140 a month and told them with our budget we could afford 40 a month. The customer service was very rude as always and stated because we would not agree to their payment amount they were putting us down as refusing to pay. I paid 40 dollars for 6 months on our past due amount and quit paying them when they sent our account to collections. So why is there help out there for people that rack up 10,000 or more in credit cards but no help for any other kind of debt?

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      All of those ads for credit card debt relief are pretty much scams.

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      There is not (in reality) that much help for credit card debtors – just a lot of scam advertising for “help.”

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      There is no help for people in credit card debt. The ads you see are from predators who see a way to make money by taking advantage of desperate people. If you call them they will probably be just ad willing to “help” you. It will cost you an upfront “settlement fee” that they will supposedly send to your creditors but which they will pocket and then they will string you along by telling you to ignore collections calls because the pmts “are in processing” or ” the calls are being generated because the system has not yet been updated” then the debt settlement counselor will drop off the face of the earth and will not call you nor return your calls.

      It is just more profitable for them to scam credit card debt holders than to try for people with fixed debt. People with fixed debt expenses usually only owe one or two creditors and are more likely to have contact with the Collections people at the company and will catch on faster to the scam.


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