WHy is my credit score so low?

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      Ok so I just settled an old Sprint collections account for half the cost about a month ago.I got the papers and everything saying that it was paid in full.Now on my credit there is only one credit card that I keep low balances on and an old Verizon account from last year for 900 somethin.I don’t have that kind of money to pay that last bill.And I think it’s too much for a cell phone bill.The creditors have suddenly started calling after about a year of not calling.And they call from different numbers each day.There is no way n hell paying that much for a phone bill so I’m just going to wait until it drops off since it’s the only not unpaid account left on there.However my credit score is 5 something which is really bad.Why is it that low with only one unpaid account.Is there anything I can do to improve my score without paying this?If I open more account again will that help?
      Btw my credit score recently just dropped by 100 n something points.

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