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      Ok, sure there are other factors involved, but the exact definition of the word economy is: a. Careful, thrifty management of resources, such as money, materials, or labor:
      b. An example or result of such management; a saving..
      c. The system or range of economic activity in a country, region, or community. WE ARE THAT SYSTEM!!! People if we don’t spend money, of course the economy is not going to get better. Nobody’s saying spend all the money once, but still spend! F*ck the national debt, there’s always gonna be national debt no matter who’s in charge. There are plenty of people out there who never invested, never had credit cards, never owned a home, but they still spend money on a regular basis. And that’s what needs to happen so that this country can move on instead of playing some stupid blame game and criticize this and that person for this or that happening. If the economy still doesn’t get better after the next 2 or 3 presidents it will be because not enough spending is going on in this country.

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