Why do mothers and fathers ask me to watch their child at the store or any place else?

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      This is such a major “duh-uh.” Where have these parents been, sleeping under a rock? There are child predators out there. Weirdos of all shapes and sorts kidnapping kids, selling them and shipping them off to Thailand and stuff like that.
      I must have a face that looks like “baby sitter” written on my forehead. When I am working at the store, I must get asked three or four times a day to watch children while a parent goes to do something. And I am also asked to do the same when I am out and about anywhere. I was in a McDonalds and some strange woman asked me to watch her child while she went off to the bathroom or go make a “personal call” on her cell in her SUV. Now what part of a “personal call” can’t the child be in the car with mom? What’s up? Is the lady having an affair or something?
      I have confronted some of these parents. I mean, I am a total stranger.
      “Well, you look trustworthy.”
      Have you ever seen any of the news reports in which a pedophile or a kidnapper is caught? They will talk to people in his or her neighborhood and neighbors will say “I don’t understand it. He seemed like the nicest guy in the world.”
      First of all, when I am working I am paid to sell you stuff. That doesn’t include babysitting services.
      Second of all, when I am on my free time, that’s my free time. It’s not my kid. If you have to pee, hold it in until you get home. If you have to talk to friends, bring all of your stuff with you, including the stuff that walks and talks.
      Going to work or leaving work, I have seen kids left in cars like dogs. Not once. Not twice. Kids kept in the SUV with the engine running. Now there is a smart move. Leave the keys in the car with the engine running so the kid can have heat and won’t freeze. And why do parents act surprised when their vehicle is stolen and the kids are kidnapped.
      I have tried reporting the kids left in the car to law enforcement. The cops want my name and a number to contact me. What ever happened to an anonymous tip?
      Are you a parent? Do you watch your children at all times? Or do you find a way to conveniently pass your responsibility on to another person at a store, or simply leave your kids in a parking lot or at a cash register? When you use the bathroom, do you take your child with you? Or do you ask someone in a store, whether its someone working at the store, or another customer, to watch your kids while you go use the facilities? If no one agrees to help, do you then decide to simply abandon the child in your car or leave the child next to another adult while you go do your private business?
      I can only imagine the legal ramifications if something happened to a child while being watched by me in the store. What if the kid has epilepsy and has a seizure while the parent is in the bathroom? The company can be sued? I could lose my job. I could be sued.
      With the economy being so bad, the store is crossing a lot of lines to make customers happy. Unfortunately, some customers are really testing the boundaries of that.

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