why do democrats want to reward people for bad choices?

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      such as illegal immigration.grant the kids citizenship because their parents broke the law.this says it is ok to break the law and the government and many other reward you for doing it.the dream act and any other programs that support illegals are basically saying that our country will support you for breaking our laws.

      then you have social programs that are meant for people IN NEED ONLY.but the democrats want to expand free health care and food stamp amounts to all who qualify.but in the midst of it,there are people men and women who have a bunch of kids to stay on this program and just work odd jobs and under the table just to stay on them.that is not fair to the working people like my husband and i who do things legally,but have to sacrifice something if we do not have enough for something in particular.

      i cannot count the number of people i know with nice cars,name brand clothes and purses and shoes,and furniture nicer than mine;but they have food stamps and medicaid.why dont the government question how these people can afford these things if they need government help?there should be inspections of some sort that prevents these things.

      there are also too many illegals getting free health care and food all on the taxpayers dime too.

      my point is how can you have as many kids as you want or be illegal and get all free medical and food?then the taxpayers have to work hard for the money that they do have,and not get any extra help?i am not republican neither,but i am leaning toward voting that way next time i vote.they seem to have more sense and understand the reality of people breaking the law,being lazy,and abusing the system and taking money from it that they do not deserve.if you are able bodied to work,then do it.i have not heard of all of these retail clothing stores,walmart,or fast food places every laying off people.so there is no excuse really.you do what you have to job wise to take care of yourself and family when you are perfectly able to health wise.

      sorry to vent,but anyone agree with me?

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