Why cant i get a sears credit card?

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    I just turned 18 about a month ago. I dont have any credit cards. I tried to get a sears credit card and it isnt going through. why?

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    Sometimes for some reason, store credit cards like that are a bit harder to obtain. If you are just starting out with credit cards, talk to your financial institution and see if they offer credit cards. If they see your cash flow, they may be easier to go through to get a credit card.

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    I’ve seen people come through well,….however


    After having been with Credit Solutions for more than a year now, I’ve come to the realization that the company promises more than it can deliver.

    To start, and most importantly, Credit Solutions makes statements during its sales pitch which are not only misleading but downright false. The prospect is lead to believe that Credit Solutions has a relationship with the credit companies and can therefore act as an intermediary to get the Credit Companies to wait while the client puts money into a savings account and thereby compiles money to work toward a settlement some day in the future. I, personally, remember this statement almost word for word as it was one of the most compelling reasons for taking on Credit Solutions.

    Nothing is said during this sales pitch about how a credit card company can still go the legal route (Arbitration, and then a Lawsuit) at any time, other than to strictly point out that Credit Solutions will not act legally on the client’s behalf. Though this ‘disclaimer’ is made and made clearly, it is glossed over when the prospective client actually asks if lawsuits are something to consider. “They almost never happen.” is the response. (Of the 12 credit accounts I have handed over to Credit Solutions, 4 have gone to Arbitration. This is a whopping 33% of one client’s accounts!)

    Besides the misrepresentation of the legal possibilities, Credit Solutions gives the client the impression of an efficient and professional office only until such time that the client actually needs to contact the company with a problem. Calls are not returned the same day, and most times not at all. When asked about Arbitration, the standard response is “We don’t handle Arbitration.” -thus leaving the client uninformed and ill-prepared. Those ‘Client Service Representatives’ who do offer to handle this subject tend to again gloss over the legal aspects as if Arbitration is merely a minor inconvenience. Should anything resembling a legal aspect arise, they are quick to lean on their disclaimer so clearly outlined in the contract. “We are not a legal representation.” When brought around again to the misleading statements outlined above, their response is “Do you have that in writing?” The statement, of course, is never put into writing.

    Credit Solutions insists you fax them all forms and papers received. They constantly say that faxes will be received “into your account” within 3-5 days. This again, is a big problem as many times faxes have not been found in my account for 2 weeks or more! It’s hard to feel comfortable with a company which doesn’t know its own shortcomings. When the fax is a legal letter, it makes things even worse.

    When things do come to a legal head, the client is left with a feeling of desperation. No amount of ‘We don’t do legal perhaps you need to get a lawyer’ will alleviate the feelings of betrayal from a company one is supposedly paying for their expertise (as well as the fabled relationships with the credit companies.) Fear and anxiety cannot easily be swept away when the client is left sitting by the phone hoping that SOMEONE from the company will call AND that they will be able to help.

    In contacting Credit Solutions, the client is put through a security check and then into the phone maze. Credit solutions’ phone maze is irritating to say the least. Besides being asked to confirm one’s client status not only on every call, but by every person the client speaks to, the phone system will also drop calls, give vague directions and circular forwarding before the client becomes angry and hangs up. Everyone that the client does actually speak to in person promises to pass on phone messages, but as already pointed out: returning calls to a client with a problem appears to be of low priority. The client is left angry, disillusioned and without recourse, as legal problems loom in their immediate future.

    Would I have signed up with Credit Solutions had I known the problems? Most likely, not. Will I stay with them now that I am more educated on their practices? Well, since I’m still paying the ‘service fees’ monthly, it seems likely. I will spend my time as best I can doing what I can to educate other prospective clients of this company and its misleading practices and performance problems.

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    Sometimes it can work it depends on what type of creditors you have that you owe money to it can also depend on if those creditors will work with credit counseling companies or not. I would suggest talking one of these services to find out which bills that you have could you consolidate, these programs can be a good thing if you have nowhere else to turn, if you would like more information on credit issues than look at my profile i have a blog that will show you several options as well as places to get the credit that you deserve! Best of Luck I hope that this might have helped a little.

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    I work as a Collections Coordinators….
    I attended a credit seminar ….
    These look bad for your credit…
    These places offer a way for those who have overextended credit, sometimes things like this work.. Contact several reputable places, consult about the policy

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    A debt management plan is a structured repayment plan that was actually created by credit card companies. You usually can obtain lower interest rates and a smaller consolidated payment if you qualify for benefits. This is a needs-based program.

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