Why are my place cards upside down?

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      I have been asked to make some little place cards for my over elderly mens club for when we are out for meals I need to put their name then fold over with what they have ordered, but how do I do this as either the name or meal reads upside down, please someone help have to get them done 1st june

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      Why not put the name and the meal on the same side?

      If you cannot do this, then you will need to print them twice, once right side up with the name ,then next right side down with the meal, to make the fold work. Check your printer options, you may have the ability to print upside down.

      Your other choice is to make the names and meals an image file, then paste the images in the way you want them, and you can turn an image upside down on the page above and below where you want to fold them.

      Have fun!

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