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      Hey everybody!* I just made it to the 700 club today!* ScoreWatch alerted me that my Equifax score went to 702 today!* I am so elated I can hardly contain myself!* It’s been a diigent journey but it is so worth it to pay your bills on time and never spend more money than you can afford to pay for.* I am loving getting my credit card bills in the mail now because I can actually pay them off in full every month because the bill isn’t so high due to overspending.


      EVERYONE BE ENCOURAGED!* Don’t give up and don’t quit. Rebuilding your score is a process and it takes time.* Trust me.* I started with a 622 score, that then dropped to 585 because of a late payment, but I quickly corrected it, called the creditor and wrote a good will letter because I’d been with the company since dirt, (and prayed!) and sure enough, my score started going back up.


      My best advice?* Read and learn as much as you can about personal finance and credit.* Don’t be afraid to educate yourself.* Kiplingers personal finance and this website have been a BIGGGG* help to me.* I certainly don’t claim to know everything and wouldn’t call myself an expert, but following the advice given at myfico.com is truly working.* They can do the advising, but it’s up to you to do the work.* So BE ENCOURAGED!* Rebuilding your credit takes time, diligence and patience, but oh, how wonderful it is to finally be a member of that exclusive 700 club!!!!!!!*


      Now that my score is 702 at Equifax (it should be even higher at TransUnion), my goal is to read even more, learn even more and set my new FICO goal to 750-800.* Thanks to everyone, and have an absolutely great day!!! SMILE!* It makes life easier.

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