Who will write me homeowners insurance in louisiana with a prior dog bite claim?

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    Had a liability claim from my chihuahua and now my homeowners ins. dropped me. The claim was caused by a drunk friend but needless to say I claimed the few stitches on my homeowners. Now I am having a very hard time finding insurance. Just because it was labeled a “liability” claim. I know this has had to happen to other people before so why can’t I find companies that take people who have had smaller liability claims?
    Let me also mention, “my friend”, who’s lip was bit and received 4 stitches at the time in the ER, decided days later, she didn’t like the way the stitches were healing so she went to a “plastic surgeon” and got it redone! Because she knew my insurance company was going to drop me anyway. So yes the claim was pretty high. To make matters worse “she caused” the whole thing and I have to pay. Oh yes, but she is soooo sorry for my loss.
    Thanks to everyone who tells me it is still my fault no matter what! I understand that, after the fact. My problem is where do people like me go to get insurance here in La. to find companies that Will write us? Thought I could go online and find companies that write cases like this “without” going through the Whole Story each time and waiting for an answer. Yes I still have a mortgage, and yes I Would exclude my little dog for his action but aren’t there companies out there that handle, what I think is a small claim for cased like mine? I’m not looking for anything special, just UP my premium (cause i’m to blame) but at least give me some places to call.
    2 or 3x’s the premium is a bit steep for a small claim. Worse claims are less in some cases?!

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