Who should pay the bill, the landlord or us the renters?

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    My gas bill came out outrageously higher than in the past. Our gas bill would usually be of 15 dollars, no more than that, but this time it came out of 200 dollars. The gas company came down and they found a leak outside. The leak was caused by the roots of a tree out here, which is is part of the property (apartments). The landlord fixed the problem but he does not want to make himself responsible for the difference of the bill. I believe that because we rent here, the gas line is supposed to be in good conditions,so that’s their part. I spoke to the landlord and he said that he is not going to make himself responsible because our next door neighbor called the gas company, supposedly because it smelled like gas. The gas company did not find a leak on the neighbor’s side, and even though it smelled like it they didn’t check on our side. We never noticed any smell cause it was outside. What can we do. I think that because the tree which caused the damage belongs to the apartments the landlord should pay for it. What can I do?

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