Which "nanny state dependent" is worse?

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      .. A single mother/college student who started out with nothing, works part time, receives $ 250/mo in food stamps & $ 5,500/yr in FAFSA loans for her college education… goes on to become RN at the county hospital, contributes to welfare & pays back her tuition?

      …Or JP Morgan Chase, who started out with everything. Lobbied for reducing regulations on gov’t backed loans. Issued adjustable rate loans on overvalued products to under qualified people with no collateral, no documented income and low credit scores. THEN they teamed up with wall street, bundled them in nice neat little packages, sold them to unsuspecting investors (you and I), made a killing, crashed the economy and THEN took $ 25 billion dollars in bailout money when the bubble they created popped. THEN turned around and blamed it on poor people & government interference.

      Which is worse?

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