Which hurts more 2 30 day delinquents fm 2007 or shorter AAoA

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      I’ve just started reading these forums and the info has been invaluable. However I was just presented an option for clearing up a couple of delinquencies but I’m not sure how to proceed and need some advice/feedback. My overall situation is as follows: I have 7 ‘baddies’ on my cr. However, all but two will fall off by jan 2013. The two remaining are both accts with chase. Chase #1 is a CO fm sep 2010. I paid in settlement ($235 of a $784 debt) in sep 2010 because even though I didn’t know where the debt was from I thought it was the best thing to do at the time. ( I know better now!) I’m currently awaiting statements fm 2009 so I can see where the debt came from/how it got delinquent so I can figure out the next best step. This acct is the most recent and the most negative so I’m sure it has the biggest impact on my score. However chase #2 is an acct with 2 30 day lates from 2007 (and one fm 2005 but I’m not worried about that one). When I called chase to try to get statements from 2006-2007 to validate the debt, they had no record of the acct and offered to delete the acct on the spot. However as the acct has an age of 10 yrs 1 mo I’m not sure I want it gone. Currently my AAoA is 7-8 yrs (depending on cra). I do have one other acct with a longer history (11 yrs 10 mos) but most of the other accts are in the 2-4 yr range. It seems that deleting this acct will drop my AAoA . However most of my other accts are reaching the 7 yr mark so do they drop out of my AAoA then? Or do the delinqs just fall off? I”d love to have the delinqs gone but want it to HELP my score- not hurt it due to shorter AAoA. But if I don’t just accept the delete of the entire acct than I have no way to fight the 2 30 day delinqs fm 2007 as chase themselves can’t even validate the debt. Should I have the entire acct deleted and take the hit fm a shorter AAoA or do I just leave 2 30 day lates fm 2007 on my report with no way of validating/ removing them until they fall off with age?

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