where do you buy a dirt pad for under a trailer house?

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      Ok so me and my fiance found this brand new single wide trailer that we can afford but the guy selling it has a policy that you have to have a dirt pad already at your house before they will deliver it. My parents wont help me and I really need to find out the prices and where I can buy it from. I know we have to buy that and have a septic tank put in but I also don’t know if we can have the septic tank put in after it is delivered. We wont be moving into it immediately so bathroom isn’t that important just yet. You see, our plan is since he lives three hours away from me and we want to wait till after the wedding to actually live together (or at least a month or two before the wedding), then we can get everything set up, moved in, and unpacked and then after we have enough money for the plumbing we can move in. It is on my parents land so I will be able to keep an eye on it regularly. Any websites or info or advice would be appreciated. thanks.

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