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      Hello everyone, I am in need of help with trying to my boost score.* I have several collections on my credit reports past the SOL, and will age off next year. *I also have two judgments one was paid in 2006, and the other is a state lien that I am currently repaying. I’m trying to figure out what road I should take to get my score boosted up, and where to start.* I have a student loan, a truck payment, and a bank loan that is current and in good standing.**I had no credit cards/revolving credit.**Recently obtained a Capital One Secured Card but it’s not reporting yet.* My first payment is not due until the 24th of this month.* I charged something on it, but I have already paid the bill. I really need to boost my score so that I can purchase a home this year (need 20 pts).* Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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