Where can I get a credit card with no credit or cosigner?

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      No one in my family wants to cosign for a credit card. however my grandfather did sign for me a new car its about a $18,000 loan but his name is first on the loan. Some people have told me since his name is first that it will not build my credit. i am 20 and really want to start working on building my credit. help please?

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      ahhh, I remember when I first wanted to build my credit. I got lucky, I was taught by a powerful person how to build my FICO(TM) score to 711 (equifax) in 9 months. And it worked! Sometimes I’m so so lucky.

      Anyway,when I first wanted to master the credit game, step one is pull all three reports. Even though I swore I had nothing on there, I found old medical debts even as small as $25!! Old unpaid cell phone bills, stuff I completely forgot about that stays there for 7 years once delinquent.

      So pull all three reports first, go to annnualcreditreport.com to get your free reports. Then go straight to myfico.com ( promo code FICO25) to get your score.

      Now add more positive than negative to your reports.Don’t ever miss a payment, EVER on Anything and keep your Credit Cards when you get em, below 7% of the credit limit. Start with your installment loans then move on too credit cards. Wash and Rinse. Not exactly what I did, but that’s the conventional way it’s done.

      Hope this Helps

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      How about this idea?

      Every year, on a personal tax return, there is a checkbox to enter a lottery – it costs and extra $ 20. 10 winners every year.

      What do you win? You never pay federal personal income tax again!

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      They all have the same goal.
      What needs to be done. Is to put an end to Foreign aide. Each year we give not lend but give billions to other countries to help them get on their feet or fix their problems.

      Our own Govt has failed to see to our needs before the needs of others. We have a bunch of fools in office.

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      Gee, aren’t you a ray of sunshine.

      I guess people don’t get old in your world, huh?

      “Paying for retirement is a waste of money. Skwak skwak skwak.” I guess when those useless old people reach the end of their working ability we should just line them up against a wall and shoot them.

      Thank you for solving all our problems.

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      I have simpler way, though not any easier given today’s political climate. Get rid of the Federal Reserve.

      Instantly, this would disband the IRS. Instantly the income of the average American would double.

      The Fed is not a part of the government. It’s a group of private banks, mostly foreign, who hijacked America’s wealth beginning in 1913. By 1933, the federal government had declared bankruptcy. It’s true. Do a Google search.

      Today we have a $ 9 trillion debt. It’s not the spending. It’s the interest on the debt that’s been compounding for 70 or so years. According to the Grace Commission Report of 1983, not one penny in income taxes goes to pay the day-to-day operations of the federal government. It all goes to pay only the interest on the national debt. And the international bankers get all the money. Your money.

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      I say go for it! Yes, it would decrease our debt plus it sends a message to our government employees. They do look out for themselves more than they look out for the rest of us.

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