when will you grow up?

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      We welcome you in our home to help you, we fed you, we even give you extra money to help you find a job. You keep changing your mind of what you want to do with your life. Are you doing this to prolong our help to you? You do not help to clean our house. you watched TV all day when your dad is not around. Now, you are acting as if it is your home just because you thought your Dad bought it — mind you “WE” bought and it is not yours it is ours! I’m just your step mother alright, but as long as you are living in our house you have to follow my house rules. if you don’t change your attitude i will make a big move that you will regret. Don’t be a spoiled brat! give respect and i will give you my full respect.I have the right to kick you out of our house anytime i want to, you have to remember that! why can’t you accept the fact that your dad and mom cannot be together anymore! you are 25 goodness gracious! Grow up!
      it’s not that i enjoy writing these things, i want him to have an idea what people think of his situation since he doesn’t listen to me. I’m sure he will be able to read this.

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