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      Can someone help me with the 4 questions in the financial contingency we are terminated based on a bait and switch and we want our deposit money back. What would d) verifies buyers sufficient funds to close mean? I don’t know what to put here obviously we don’t have the funds to close
      We used the preferred lender of the builder, the builder has an interest in the mortgage company we have been wronged with a bait and switch and yield premiums and fees etc. We just want to terminate the contract as all parties involved have pulled fast ones on us from the builder to the broker to the realtor. I just needed to know what to state in this one question. We are trying to get our deposit money back based on the lies and remove ourselves from the contract. We applied for a 30 year fixed and after some digging found they had switched us to a 5/6 arm at 7.75% to start. And the broker still has not explained anything to us or the loan program and will not answer any calls etc. thanks for any info

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