When is it truly a good time to buy a home?

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    My husband and I have been talking about buying a home for a few months now since we are both financially stable and have a baby on the way. We figure that we will need more space as she gets older and/ or as our family grows. We have looked around in different parts of town and have found a few homes that interest us within our price range but my husband says to keep putting it off until we have more money saved since the market is going to get better. I don’t mind living in an apartment at all since I have mostly my whole life, but at the same time I keep thinking about my daughter and how nice it would be to have her grow up in a house just like my husband and I both did. Maybe I am just getting impatient but I feel we have more than enough money saved to do this. I know that he is just concerned that we might be on a tight budget once we buy a home… any advice or anyone who has been in a similar situation?

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