when I list my house for sale what should I do?

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    I would go through a local realtor? Is it possible to get them to compete for my business so as to get a better rate than seven percent of selling price? My area is one of the stable housing markets- newton, ia the maytag plant sold and 700 new jobs are coming to town, we had the forclosure wave several years ago when tons lost jobs and everyone pretty much who would wash out did, they have all found new jobs so people will be moving here to work and they expect the town to gain 350 new households in the next year. My home is worth about 95,000 grand selling price current after work we have done. I owe 62,000 still. when I go to list it for sale should I put it at appraised value? In my price range ranches that are updated go within a few weeks as they rarely go up for sale and at and sometimes above appraised value(non updated or way overpriced sit for several months and go about what they ask) or should I list for 120,000 and do 20,000 back at close plus we cover closing costs?

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