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    I’m launching my own Financial Services company. I’ve worked in Financial Services for many years, and I’m sick with how dirty and dishonest my bosses are.

    So, I’m venturing out on my own. In the company name, I want to speak to honesty, integrity and commitment to customer service.

    We offer debt management services for those you can’t pay their bills. We offer credit management services for those who can pay their bills now, but haven’t always done so in the past and thus have derogatory accounts on their credit reports. I can make those go away.

    We offer capital management services, helping people with good credit get capital to fund business and investment opportunities.

    We offer capital growth and cash flow investments that outperform credit unions, banks and savings and loans.

    I was thinking…

    Family Values Financial Services…

    but somebody said it sounding like I had some right-wing conservative Christian movement in mind.

    I though about…

    Eagles Flight Financial Services…

    but I’m not completely sold on that either.

    So, here’s your chance to be part of history…help me name my new company…hopefully it will be a household word in a couple of years.

    Thanks for all your constructive help.

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