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    here is the story

    i pulled my credit score by equifax its 741 thats after i did an application for personal unsecured loan after i got denided i was like what the heck !! i go i buy my score it says good score its 741 thats my fico score

    i called the bank and im like why did i get denied the r like well you have zero balances on ur credit card n we cant see ur payment history *im like yea cos i pay them in full every month so i dont pay interest and thats why they denied me so a bnker recomnded that i get a co signer he is like you should get aproved i was like cool i got a co signer i got denied again !!

    so im frustrated !!!!!!!

    my question why all that ??? and also would that be 2 inquiry even tho its same bank same day ?? 2 diff applications tho?


    how that would mess up my chances of getting a loan !!!!!! im looking for 3k to 5k loan ?

    should i applay again????? cos i need it so what to do plz some help

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