What the heck, illegals able to buy houses?

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      I can’t even buy a house, but lenders are letting these people buy houses with only a drivers license, and how do they even get a license. I am confused, these people are getting more of the “american dream” than legal americans.
      I have excellent credit and plan on buying a house in the next few years, my income isnt that bad either, my point was that most of them are not required to even have a credit history? they should not be allowed to get driver licenses, buy homes, get free healthcare or anything else because they are illegal. Illegal = criminal.
      I choose not to buy a home right now,because i cant afford what I really want, so I am waiting until I can. I am going to work hard and save for it, I dont feel entitled to it just because. I earn my paycheck, do you? Illegals go home!!! Viva America.
      “Certain lenders don’t ask for immigration papers. And buyers using a special tax ID often don’t need a lengthy credit history.”

      Staright from Chron.com

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