What should I do before I can apply for another credit card?

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      Recently, I tried using my Visa card to buy some bus tickets but could not for some reason. I bought it to the bank and have them check, they found out that I had a payment of $70 I had yet to pay around 170 days ago, yet I don’t remember using it (I rarely use my credit card, only remember using it twice and I paid it off on both occasion) So I paid the debt off immediately. But now because its been so long, the card is inactive, the bank representative said I need to close the card and apply for a new one, and she did it for me. A few weeks later I got a notice from credit service saying my application was denied because it doesn’t fit their requirement. I thought as much, when you have a 6 months long debt before paying it off they would question your ability to pay debts. My question is, what can I do right now before I can apply again. Do I need to increase my income to show them I can pay a debt, or do I have to wait a certain amount of time (like when you fail your road test and have to wait a few weeks before trying again)

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