What requirements are necessary to obtain a mastercard?

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    for example, is having a part time/full time job a requirement? and if so, does that incude being a full time university student?

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    They send pre-approved applications in the name of my dog. I guess anyone can get one if they can sign.

    Yes, full time university students are offered far too much credit. They do not appear to do due diligence to confirm that students can pay back.

    It is assumed that on average university grads will honor their debt commitments.

    It is still a rip off for the borrower.

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    A job, income, time on your job, telephone number, checking and or saving account etc.

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    You need to have a student account set up. I have one with Natwest and applied online for a credit card (mastercard) and my application was accepted. The apr is quite low as well, around 13.6%

    Don’t try Virgin or Barclaycard as they require you to be fully working and over 21. In addition their typical apr is much higher at around 26%

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