What mortgage company should I contact to buy a house?

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    Ok I know that sounds like a dumb question but seriously. It’s been a few years since we owned a home. All I know anymore since things have changed so much is that it’s a waste of my time to go straight to banks, because they have the strictest regulations (although all of them have gotten worse in the last couple years).

    So assuming that my credit is “not great”, and I just came out of a chap 13 bankruptcy, what do I do? I don’t want to just contact any old mortgage broker in the yellow pages. I don’t really feel like giving my information to lending tree for them to share with a hundred other companies.

    What mortgage company should I just contact directly to see if I can get preapproval to buy a home – gmac? I think they are an OK company?

    Any ideas? thanks.

    PS i also don’t want to wait until i get a realtor and then go thru their suggestinos, BECAUSE, I might not get approved at all yet (recently after bankruptcy), so it would be a major time waster to get in one of these joined-at-the-hip relationships with a real estate agent who will then become very clingy only to find out we can’t even get approved adn then it all gets ugly.

    ideas- thanks
    Ok, I know the first answer is complete BS, and I have also reported it for bad language and just being outright rude.

    I actually work in the credit industry so I’m not a total moron (just not mortgage). People are getting homes right out of bnk. ALL THE TIME, it’s nothing new but I am curious which is the best broker to go to. Arizona. Thanks!

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