What is your annual salary? Need to compare others to mine?

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      I got a job that offers great medical and other benefits. Health insurance, dentistry, etc. are paid for. The starting salary is $ 56,000 a year and then increases each year up until the 4th year I will make $ 74,000. Just graduated college by the way. This does not count if I want to make over time which will get time and half. I am also not married (23 years old) and still live at home…..lol. I am saving up for a downpayment on a condo. So by the time I am 27 I will be making at LEAST $ 74,000/year. This enough money? Not sure if I should keep looking. Thanks for the help!
      Plus I get a pension that I do not have to save money from what I make for retirement. That is the best part of my job…..still not sure if the salary is good pay though.

      I am not trying to rub it in…..I am not sure what money to expect when looking for a job. Also, too bad I am staying here until I get the money saved. They are fine with it, like I will throw away a golden opportunity of living at home and saving up because you are jealous that I have the chance.

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