What is worse a horrific credit score, or bankruptcy?

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    I made some mistake in college that are making me miserable. I got credit cards and defaulted, student loans, and defaulted. I had a garnishment on my old job’s wages, and a levy on my bank accounts has me so scared I am operating on cash only. It’s the ONLY thing that’s setting me back I have a new job in NYC that I love and is making more than I made before. But I’m petrified of my wages being garnished again and my account being levied when I get my direct deposit. My savings aren’t huge because the crappy job I had before paid only enough wages to live. I will not being trying to buy a house soon or a car, I am trying to move to NY soon and will need an apartment, but I read that some landlord prefer a bankruptcy than crappy credit (MY SCORE IS 504 :-/) since there will be no judgments/levys to take away my income. I already have my new job and want to stay, should I declare it and start anew or keep lugging on with this debt and crappy credit score?
    I like turkey’s answer but ill leave it open a little longer to get more suggestions..its horrible to live in fear of having your wages garnished or your bank accounts zapped due to past mistakes… like i said my main concern is my apartment, which i wont be able to afford if my accounts are levied and wages garnished.so i guess i should take this as a rough lesson learned and file before more damage is done..

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