what is the legal grace (extension of time) for officiating the closing date on a home?

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    We’re in the process purchasing a home. The closing date was suppose to be June 10th. It’s now June 23rd. We’ve just been told by our lawyer that the owner will not officiate the closing until no sooner than July 5th…MAYBE. She’s a teacher and she will have to stay past school regular schedule closing to make up for snow days, and it will take her at least up to 3 to 4 days to move out.

    We’ve had the responsibility of selling our residence, schedule the departure of old jobs, start new jobs in another city, (we could of delayed departure from old jobs) now a three hour daily commute due to this open ended closing date which could’ve been avoided if seller simply communicated she would not be ready to leave until late June, early July instead of setting a tentative closing date for the second wk. of June, which she had known ahead of time and had no intention of vacating the premises until a much later date than originally agreed upon.

    The only response our lawyer said was, “You can withdraw your offer if you like?”… Yeah right, after spending two and a half months finding a suitable place to live, investing the funds to secure our purchase, about $ 1700.00, we should just walk away and start over.

    So what legal rights do we have here? Do we have any recourse for our dilemma?
    Yes. Both seller and buyer (me) have licensed NY State realtor agents representing.

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