What is the best way to fix my credit situation?

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    Right now my credit is fair. I would like to improve my credit score and eliminate my debt, but I dont know the best way to do it. I have tons of unpaid medical bills and some very small bills that are past due. I only have one credit card. If I just paid all of the unpaid bills, would that raise my score?

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    Make arrangements to pay the medical bills before they hit your credit report. If they are already reported to the bureaus its still not too late. You can make payment arrangements or settle the balances. (Payment in full will look better for your score than a settlement will.)

    Pay off the small bills or again make payment arrangements if you are unable to pay them off.

    Stop using your credit card and pay that bill on time every month. The less you use it the less you will be in debt with that account.

    It’s not going to be just one thing that fixes your credit but how you handle the entire credit picture. Your score reflects how you use your credit and pay your debts. Best thing is to pay everything on time every month and your score will slowly increase. There is no majic way to do it over night so I hope you weren’t looking for a quick fix.

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    well you can reduce your spending on unnecessary goods .

    and stop using your credit card when you don’t have to , so you get less bills there and less interest added on to existing ones .

    work on paying the existing bills , a little bit each month or what you can when you ahve money .

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