What is the best "starter" credit card?

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      I am interested in building credit. I am 22 and am finishing my Bachelors in business this Spring. The problem is, I have paid little attention to my credit. I now wish to find a credit card that I can use to build up credit. I am looking for one with a moderate interest rate that I can basically buy gas on and pay off monthly. Is there a “best starter credit card” I can look for and can I apply online?

      I realize a similar question has been posted recently, but I feel their situation differs from mine.

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      Get one now as a college student. You should find plenty of offers at your college bookstore. Make sure it does not have an annual fee.
      To establish your credit, you just need to use the card and pay the bill on time. Paying the bill in full will prevent you from wasting money on interest and establish your credit history.

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      —sometimes paying you bill in full can affect your credit in a negative way too. they will not see a credit history of you paying a debit on time and for several months. If you pay in full you may not buy somthing else for awhile and have a zero balance. Pay 90% of it and drag a small balance for a bit until you buy somthing else. –

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      I applied to first premier

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      When I was 18, I got a gas credit card.
      I paid in full the day I got the bill in the mail.
      Never carrying a balance or paying interest.
      When I was 19, I got regular visa (I had good credit).
      I used it for food and again, paid in full each month without ever paying a penny interest or fees.

      I ended up with 800+ scores.
      Carrying balances and paying interest is derogatory to your credit worthiness.
      Use credit cards – don’t let them use you.
      You also need good credit to get good jobs – since employers check.
      Don’t screw up your future – pay in full each month.

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