What is the BEST credit card processing company?For credit cards and

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    electronic checks, (merchant services).? So many companies out there who do you choose?

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    I currently use Simple Payment Systems also. I got all our equipment FREE. They beat by far the processing rate we had before. I was going to tell you Simple Payment Systems was the best but it looks like someone beat me to it! I highly recommend them.

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    New lawyer, don’t pay the one she has.

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    Please use paragraphs.

    Your daughter stayed married to a man for seven years who was paying prostitutes to sleep with him. Do you really think he’s going to get all ethical now that she’s divorcing him? He sounds like a mobster, but somehow I think she’s known that for a long time.

    Perhaps a new attorney is in order.

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    She needs to burn the credit cards, cant be used if they are burned.
    Then have the business audited and have her husband jailed if she can prove he paid prostitutes,because in some states it is illegal.While he is in jail do inventory and help the IRS agent do the auditing.

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    Who cheated on who first? This Child would be your Grandchiled? if so why do you refer to it as the Child? It sounds like you might be there to much. How offten do you arque with him? have you ever arqued with him in front of the Customers. Something is not right with the whole set up here. I think before an answer can be given the whole story needs to come out from your Daughter.

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    Unfortunately, this is how divorce works. Two people that once loved each other, do whatever they can to make each other miserable. The only winners in divorce are the lawyers – unfortunately the married people are so busy trying to screw each other that they don’t realize it until they see their bank account is gone.

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    Simple Payment Systems is truly the absolute best for credit card and electronic check processing. The electronic check processes the check like a credit card. So if the check is deposited into your account ASAP from your business. If it is bad you know right away. I have done research for a long time. They give you free equipment, free training, free software- with a check out cart! (if you have a web site also that you want to sell items on.) They beat discount rate quotes that you give them too. They have 24 hour live help, which is handy. FDIC insured. Make sure you tell them you want the free program. We switched from another company over to them. And have never been happier. Go to their web site and call them or fill out the form and they can contact you. I did countless hours of research! Trust me they are the BEST.
    Best wishes!

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