What is my grade in my government class?

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      What is my average for the class?
      On the syllabus it says this for the grading section…

      Your grade will be based on the following system.

      Exam 1: 100 pts
      Exam 2: 100 pts
      Exam 3: 100 pts
      Exam 4: 50 pts
      paper: 50 pts
      policy post: 50 pts
      response posts: 50 pts
      Final exam (optional): 100 pts

      Letter Grading:

      A: 450-500 pts
      B: 400-449 pts
      C: 350-399 pts
      D: 300-349 pts
      F: 299 pts-below

      The thing with the final exam is, if you already have the grade you want in the class you don’t have to take it. If you do take it, it’ll replace your lowest grade only if you score higher on the final than you did the lowest of either exam 1,2, or 3. But if you score lower on the final than you did those three exams, she wont count the final at all, and your grade will remain the same…

      My question is: What is my grade, and do I need to take the final to get an A average?

      Here are my stats:

      Exam 1: 82
      Exam 2: 70
      Exam 3: 92

      (I’m not sure how much the extra credit weights, but there are six questions extra credit per exam, and for each extra credit I did on all three exams, I got 6/6 correct)

      Exam 4: 100

      Paper: 50/50 (meaning I got a perfect score)

      For the Policy Post and the Response Posts, I did what was required each, making them fairly long and very descriptive, I’m assuming I got an A on those too, but the grades for those two are not posted online, so I can’t really say…

      So, the only thing left is the optional final…

      With the information I gave you, if it’s possible to calculate my approximate average of the course, what is my grade? And…to get an A in this class, should I take the final? I know I have nothing to lose but I’d rather not take it if I’ve already got the A I’m looking for. Thank you for your help in advance.
      (By the way, yes on Exam 4 I got a 100% accuracy, but exam 4 weights less than exams 1,2, and 3, as I stated earlier.)

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