What is a real "Living Wage"?

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    This will vary depending of where you live, but my definition of a “living wage” is an income that can pay for the basics. Not having to decide to eat or pay rent. That means a modest but clean and functioning apartment or house, making dinner rather than eating out a lot. Also being able to afford a decent, but not expensive vehicle that get’s a person to and from work without being in the repair shop all the time. Being able to at least buy a new outfit for an interview at Wal-Mart, not nessicarily Macy’s (unless they have a good sale) I would say in Indiana, a living wage for a one to two person household is 10-12 an hour. Mandated minimum wage is 5.15 and most employers pay around 7 just to get people to take the job. What about your area?

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