What is a prepaid card and where can I get it?

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      I don’t really understand how prepaid card works? I just add money to it and then spend it? Can anyone get it? Where can I get it?

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      it is a debit card with your name on it that you load your money onto and use it like a credit card.

      you pay a fee to purchase the card, you pay a fee each time you load the card, & some of them have a monthly fee on top of that.

      shop around & get one w/o a monthly fee if you can find one or a low fee.

      Wester Union used to have one (don’t know if they still do)—you could purchase it from the grocery store or Western Union.

      If you have a bank account then check w/ your bank, they may have one (more likely they’ll have a prepaid credit card. you would pay money on the card and as you prove to them that you can manage the purchases and payments then they’d upgrade you to a regular credit card.) always go with your own bank on this type of card if you can because they won’t charge you the loanshark fees and rates that some organization online might.

      these types of cards you would have to be at least 18 to get one.

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      Most prepaid “gift” cards can be bought at the grocery stores. These prepaids can only be used once. You buy them in $25, $50, $100 worth plus the fee to activate them, use them up and then throw them away.

      Reloadable prepaids can be purchases at either NetSpend or GreenDot. They have websites or can be bought at participating retailers. The websites can tell you where to find such a retailer.

      These cards are reloadable, after you buy the initial pack and fill out your personal info and mail it to them they will mail you a card with your name on it. This card can be reloaded with funds at participating retailers or online directly from your bank account.

      Here is the Netspend website:

      and here is the Greendot website:

      Both come with fees and I urge you to read the fine print.

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