What happens to our apartment after we file bankruptcy?

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      My husband and I are currently living in an apartment and have been here for 6 months now. We have always paid our rent on time. We are now considering Ch. 7 bankruptcy and I want to know how that would affect our current lease? Do they typically run another credit report when they offer you a new lease? I’m worried about them finding out about our bankruptcy and kicking us out, but I’m told that most apartment complexes don’t run your credit again after they do so at the original lease signing so they wouldn’t know about the bankruptcy unless you told them.

      I’m not happy at all about having to file bankruptcy, but I see no other option. A bit of background: My husband and I both have excellent credit scores (over 700) and we’ve always paid our bills on time. We have no problem paying back our debt, as that’s what we obligated to do. But I was laid off last year, have so far been unable to find a job, and my unemployment runs out in a few weeks. (unless Congress extends it and we know how that song and dance goes) We even moved to Washington from California when my husband got offered a job and I still have found nothing. My husband’s job is very good and steady, but if we have to live on his income alone until I am able to find a job, we would only really be able to afford our living expenses. Like many other couples, we need two incomes. I’ve considered and done a lot of research on debt counseling or Ch. 13 instead, but our monthly payment amount would have to be small, probably no more than $ 200/month, for us to be able to comfortably afford our rent, utilities, groceries, gas, etc. I don’t think a payment amount that low is possible, considering our combined debt is about $ 41,000. (all unsecured credit cards) I keep coming back to Ch. 7 being the best option. I could consider filing Ch. 7 on my own if I’m able to, as all my debts are in my name and acquired before we got married a few weeks ago, and he could enter debt counseling for his debt. But again, his payment would have to be very low for us to be able to pay our living expenses on only his income. Discharging all of our debt and getting a fresh start seems like the best option. Does anyone have any advice?
      In response to a previous answer, I was single when I was laid off and began receiving unemployment in May 2009. I just got married a few weeks ago.

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