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    Well, my best friend, Kara, is having a hard time with her husbands parents so I’m asking this for her.
    So Kara and her husband, Mike, own a trailer (a flat one for hauling stuff). A few months ago Mikes dad came and picked up the trailer without asking. When Kara got home from work there was a message on the machine from Mike’s dad saying that the trailer didn’t get stolen but that they had to borrow it to pick up some lumber.

    Well, a few weeks passed and Mike’s parents never brought the trailer back. But, Mike and Kara needed it to haul their 4wheelers. So, they went to the parents house to pick it up. Mikes dad had it parked on a steep hill. When Mike and Kara went to put the trailer on the hitch of their SUV, the trailer rolled off the block (chalk?? whatever it’s called) and ended up pinching Kara’s finger between the trailer hitch and their tailgate. She ended up having a severed tendon in her finger and had to have it surgically repaired. She also had to go to physical therapy for nearly 4 months.

    Well, all of the bills for her finger came out to about 20,000 dollars. They did not have health insurance at the time. Mike and Kara were able to claim 5000 of the bill on their auto insurance but they were still overwhelmed with the bill. Soooo, Mike asked his parents if they would file a claim under their homeowners insurance and they said no.

    So, this is where Kara is feeling resentment….Here is what she says:

    1. They borrowed the trailer without asking permission FIRST
    2. They never returned the item they had borrowed
    3. They parked it in an unstable and “stupid” spot on THEIR property
    4. When it resulted in injury, they were not willing to take responsibility
    5. She just feels hurt by their lack of concern for her and Mikes financial situation (they really have had a rough couple years)

    So, what do you think?? Is Kara justified in her feelings of resentment? Should Mikes parents have been held responsible financially? Or is it just one of those things that she needs to let go??

    Thanks so much for reading…I know it’s long!

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