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      I’m a saint by telling her that I thought it would be good if she fleshed it out. She and her friend wrote it (these two girls are only a year younger than me and the other one is a few months younger than me). It’s really crappy in my opinion. They want to turn it into a movie. I can already see this appearing on Bad Movie Beatdown already… Tell me what you think.

      Kinsey & Andrea’s Story
      “A Twist IN A Love Story”

      One day Andrea was going through the mall looking for a
      present to buy Kinsey, but then out of no where a monster ate Andrea & Drew also. They were screaming until the monster burped them on a deserted island in the middle of no where. They had cell phones so they called Kinsey.
      Kinsey:” Hello, how may I help you? Please hold.” She came back 5 minutes later.
      Kinsey:” I will send you a plane, but it wouldn’t get there for 6 months & good luck.” So Andrea & Drew got talking about life & what they could do. They decided to build a hut & kill some deer. Drew loved deer, but Andrea hated it so Drew went to go find something else & then he found mashed up caterpillars. The actually weren’t that bad. Now they both loved them. One day they called Dora the Explorer.
      Dora:” I will send you the map to help you get home.”
      Map:” There are 3 easy steps.
      1) Stay where you are
      2) Throw your cell phones into the sea
      3) Cross a bridge”
      Andrea & Drew didn’t want to stay where they were & they wanted to keep their cell phones & there was no bridge, so the map did not help.
      ****ONE MONTH LATER****
      They looked into each others eyes & knew that they could get off the island alive. Then a coconut hit Drew on the head & he passed out. Andrea then called 911, but she remembered that they couldn’t get there for a while, so she dragged him over to the hut that they made a while ago. She kissed Drew, hoping that true love’s kiss would wake him up, but it didn’t work. They weren’t made for each other, so she thought, but then all of the sudden he woke up and Andrea was so happy.
      Drew: “I have liked you since the first time I saw you in the monster’s stomach.”
      Andrea:” I love you too!”
      Drew had amnesia so he didn’t understand and started acting like a monkey! Then Andrea got worried, so she gave him some coconut milk to see if that would help, but it didn’t, so Andrea called the Little Mermaid!
      Ariel:” I would be glad to help, but I have to go find my crab, Sebastian.” She found him and then she came to shore and told them they had to eat sand to turn them into mermaids.
      Andrea:” Why do we have to be turned into mermaids to help Drew?”
      Ariel:“ I say that all the time, but nobody would ever do it so…”Ariel was sad they didn’t want to become mermaids, but she helped Drew get better anyways by letting him rest. Andrea was so excited that she ran to find some lobster to mash. When she came back 2 hours later he was cured!
      Drew was left with Ariel and out of the blue she kissed him! Drew almost threw up!
      Drew: “WHY DID YOU KISS ME?!?!?!”
      Ariel:” Oh, but didn’t you like it?”
      Drew:“ NO! I hated it!!!! You get out of here and I’m never going to call you ever again!” Later on Andrea came back, but Drew couldn’t tell her what had happened. He was afraid that she would be mad at him. They ate crushed lobster and enjoyed it. During dinner he really wanted to tell her, but she was already mad because she could only find 4 little lobsters. So he saved it for later. Drew was so afraid that Ariel or Sebastian would come back & tell Andrea that she kissed Drew earlier that day. She didn’t want to ask because if there wasn’t anything wrong then it would be awkward.
      ****ONE WEEK LATER****
      While Drew was out gathering leaves to build a new hut Andrea was cleaning the sand when Sebastian come on the shore to find Andrea and tell her what had happened between Drew & Ariel . Then all of the sudden Drew came up the beach & Sebastian hid under a rock. Then Andrea got mad because Drew didn’t tell her.
      Andrea:“ How dare you cheat on me, Drew! It is OVER GOOD BYE!” Andrea ran away crying and Drew didn’t know what to do. Drew felt so lost without her and Andrea felt the same way, but Andrea ran to the other side of the island anyways and built a new hut for herself. Drew was so sad so he went out looking for her.

      ****ONE WEEK LATER****

      He found her & Andrea hugged Drew. It was their first hug ever. All was forgiven. They went back to their hut & they heard a monkey. Andrea got scared and Drew went to go see what the monkey looked like. Andrea loved the monkey because it was cute & Drew thought it was a girl. They named her Annelise & decided to keep her as a pet when they get off the island. They knew it would be too soon. Andrea loved her and couldn’t wait till they got off of the island & take her home. It soon became night & Andrea decided to call Kinsey again because it has been about 2-3 months.
      Kinsey: “Hola! Andrea where are you?!?”
      Andrea: “I am still on this island with Drew & we hav
      It’s horrible, I know. She wants to turn it into a movie. She and the girl who wrote it aren’t much younger than me, but I wrote a 268 page story that actually had a couple of points to it. The most significant point in MY story was to not suck ass…

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