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      So I’m 20 years old soon turning 21 in April. I’m currently attending university and will be finishing my third year this spring. I canceled my previous credit card around November or October of ’09. I had it for about 10-11 months. What made me cancel it was the annual fee that I got tricked that was with it. For those 11 months, I always paid off my bills on time, every time, in full every month and stayed fiscally responsible at all times: looking at my due dates and setting them to be at the end of the month along with checking my bank account to make sure I can afford certain things.

      Now it’s near the end of March and I believe I should have a credit card now to help keep building my score and have one in case of an emergency. I’m banking with Wells Fargo and I’m looking at this page:

      I pay off my whole bill every month so I’m not worried about interest rates. As a college student and looking for a cash back-oriented credit card, I was wondering if these terms are good and whether if I’m missing anything I should be paying attention to:

      I had a credit line of $ 1000 on the last card and as I continued into those 11 months of having a card it was increased to $ 1300. Is this card that I linked to a good deal? And is it possible to get the credit card with me having canceled the last one? Because I understand canceling a card hurts your score. I want to make sure I have top-notch credit for later on in life, and I’m paranoid about having hurt my credit despite my limited history. Please educate me on this. Thank you.

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