What can I say to my parents to convince them to buy me a house?

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      you may be thinking what kind of ridiculous question is that, but my dad already voiced his thoughts about doing it because its a good “financial opportunity.”

      I am 19 and junior in college. Last year, my dad thought it could be a good idea to buy a house close to my college campus and then let me rent it out to other college students. I would be the property manager and have a place to room for “free.” well, he decided against it and I moved into an apartment instead. I have since moved back home (i go to college in the same city-just across town).

      It was probably a good thing he didnt cause ive read about how awful the housing market is and it got me to thinking….Since prices are so low, we could probably find a house cheaper than ever. I am totally willing to put my savings into a down payment and help out any way i can. couple that with the fact the my brother graduates HS next year and he might go to the same college as me and we could live together and I think i could pull together some pretty solid “arguments” on why it would be a good idea to buy a house and rent it out. I am so ready to move out and I really think that if I show them some responsibility (i just got a job as a bank teller- i am a finance major) and keep my job for a year and then bring it up to him when my brother graduates, he could go for it.

      Here are some other points I plan to make:
      Since, I plan on buying and renting out a house once I graduate, this could be great “experience.”
      I am really shy and it could be a good way to meet other people that go to my school.
      Living on my own is really good for leadership/independence etc.
      If i am living with friends, it is a good excuse to never live with a girlfriend before getting married (they are very religions/traditional, and this is a pretty solid point in their eyes).
      it would be good bonding with my brother, and I could help him make friends/with school etc.
      > why buy a house?
      financial opportunity, buy a cheap 4 bedroom house and rent out to 18 year old college kids who don’t know any better. they see a house that is only $100 more than crappy dorms, who wouldnt want to take advantage of that? 4 x $800, minus the mortgage + they dont have to pay extra for my college housing + the fact that buying a home is one of the best investments a person can make = a good freakin idea
      >less than 2 years
      where did you read that? i plan on living there until I’m married and I don’t plan on getting married for another 10 maybe 15 years, and even then, we wouldnt sell, its still worth it to keep renting and its still worth the investment
      >market sucks right now
      exactly, prices are low and getting a house that might have been $200k 2 years ago is now 125k, thats whats called a buyers market
      >brother might go to the same college…and hate me for it
      I’m not forcing him to do anything, if he wants to go, he can. and itd be way more fun for him if he knows p

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