What are the chances i am a victim of fraud?

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      Hi, this is a long story, and i’ll try and make it as short as possible but with as much information as possible:

      About 3 months ago, a company called Repayment Management Services called me offering a debt repayment agreement of “i pay £80 a month they take £20 and pay my creditors the rest” now i was desperate o i took it, paid them the first £80 a mont ago! Now this week, a company called CALLEMATICS LTD has tried to take £50 out of my account and we don’t know why, the payment has been authorized which means we have to have given them the card details etc, and the only company we have given card details to is Repayment Management Services (RMS)! The company has their own freepost envelopes etc, and they seem legitimate but when i ring the number on the RMS website they are all english but when they ring me, i only ever seem to speak to American/South African people, can someone please help me? I’m stuck as to what i can do!!!!!
      thanks everyone!

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