What are my rights as a roommate on guests?

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    When I turned 18 and got a job to pay my share of bills I became my moms roommate. I had a baby and went right back to work when she turned 6 months and eventually soon earned a manager position at my job. When I started making more money than my mom I took on more bills by taking on the full payment of the power, water, cable bundle, and food costs. This left my mom with only the rent to pay which is only 250 from her pocket because she gets a check for my younger sister. She got to keep the leftovers of her first paycheck and the full amount of the rest of her paychecks for that month. This arrangement gave us both opportunities to save money, me to move out with my child’s father into our own place and her to have back up money to pay her bills when my sister stops receiving her check when she turns 18. I was able to save money for my move but during the last few months of our lease I was contacted by our property manager because my mom had not paid rent in two months. She had spent the money she was supposed to be saving on bad loans and credit card debt. It took my savings and my fiance’s saving to clear up the mess because my name would have gone on the eviction too ruining the small credit I had built up and chances of getting my own place. I had to sign another lease with my mom when my fiance lost his job. We have the same agreement on the bills and I visit the prop. manager every first week of the month to make sure the money is going where it needs to go. I’ve got another visit coming up with the prop. manager because my mom through a fit when my fiance said “Your mom’s at the damn door.” He was talking to me when he said this because she had come knocking telling me what time it was twice before. She doesn’t like my fiance because we had our baby young and he made noises when he gave my mom his savings and she only acknowledged it as something he should be doing anyways instead of saying thank you. Anyway we were watching Iron Man and my mom was making noise about the time and how late he should and shouldn’t be over. She lost it when he said “damn” and wanted him to leave and never come back to “her house”. I’m 21 he’s 23 but to her we may as well be 2. I closed my door and we finished the movie while my mom tried to call the police. Needless to say the didn’t bother coming over but my mom now wants to go down to the prop. manger and demand my fiance not be allowed on the property. I still have five months left on this lease and still need time to save for my place. I can’t leave it without paying the balance for the rest of the months on the 1 year lease. I also just can’t leave with my name still on the lease to another place, my mom couldn’t afford it on her own and would get evicted with my name on the eviction as well. She is starting to get to crazy for me to live with and is becoming more and more emotionally abusive. I get yelled at for dirty dishes and a messy house for hours in front of my child while the four teenagers responsible for it play video games while ignoring the argument. I’m an adult and work the 40+ hours a week to pay the bills in the house just like she does but get treated like public enemy number one. I want to call it quits and take my chances on my own but I live in Florida. I can’t afford to leave the state and the prices in my area would eat up my wadges and saving like a fat kid with a snack size bag of chips. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Can my mom really keep the one guest I have over, the father of my child, from coming over to visit us?

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