What are my options with my x tenant?

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      I have a house that I own. My property manager who I assigned to choose a tenant for the property, picked someone who did nothing but complain. Anyway the water heater exploded 2 yrs ago and flooded the whole house. I have house insurance, so I had a company clean the house, put new carpet in, painted new walls, installed new cabinets. and put in a new water heater Total $ 9000. in damage. Anyway the tenant had NO rental insurance. Anyway my property manager had an oral agreement with her saying we will give her money for her losses. We were being nice. She had a 1 year lease. Now she moved out early and broke the lease, she says the place was inhabitable. She is taking us, (me the owner of the house, and my property manager to court for small claims. Saying we owe her money, for loss of furniture. She claims that her BF fixed the water heater and I said I want a reciept showing the amt, so I can deduct it from the rent. She never furnished the reciept and she claims the water heater was never replaced. I said it was cause I have an invoice. So she moved out early and trashed the house. There are stains on the carpet, dirty refrigerater, dirty stove, dog pooh on the flooring by water heater and the walls were dirty looking like the dog was dirty and ran into the walls. and she had a dog in the house without our permission. Lease said no pets. I have had people in the house saying the house was in good shape in the inside, but recently she decided to trash it. She never gave a 30 day notice saying she was gonna move. It was more like 24hr hrs. She is taking us to court for an Oral agreement between the property manager and her. I know nothing about it. I just pay the mortgage. All she wants is the security dep back, but my property manager said “NO” cause you trashed the place. I took before pictures, so we can clean it before we take in a new tenant.

      Do u think I have a strong case for small claims?

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