What are all of the different ways I could advertise my house for sale?

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      What is the best way to advertise a house for sale? Any suggestions and opinions are great!
      Also, I would like to sell my home by myself, no realtor, so I can use that money for advertising.

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      If the house is in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Ohio you can advertise it FREE on my website (in the realty section):

      craigslist is a good place too.

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      I’m not a realtor, nor related to one, but I’ve got to tell you I’d think twice about the “no realtor” thing for several reasons:
      the MLS listing is essential for getting a property sold in this kind of market especially;
      realtors are HUNGRY–literally–and anyone working with a buyer’s agent is not very likely to SEE your property as the realtor needs to be paid by someone–typically the seller;
      real estate commissions ARE negotiable, so you might be able to get a good lister for less commission.

      You have to be careful about what and how you advertise–you’re allowed some “puffery,” but material misrepresentations will cost you far more than a commission possibly could. There ARE sort of “a la carte” realtors who offer specific services for a fee–like getting you on the MLS–and you should consider at least that route.

      Outside of that, options include:

      signage out front if your zoning allows for that

      ads in newspapers–freebies through your largest circulation one

      radio spots

      posting on Craigslist, bulletin boards in the area, at work if you can

      letting your neighbors, friends, and co-workers know as sometimes someone knows a person who wants to buy a house

      Things like TV spots or mass mailers are expensive and how would you target anyone who’s likely to buy? Not a good bang for the buck.

      You can try an auction–advertise in the other places noted–but again, getting the price you want is not too likely in this market.

      Beyond advertising, what is really at least AS important, is the quality of your house. No one wants to buy a “to do” list–you need curb appeal, you need the fresh paint, clean floors or new flooring, cabinets and countertops in good condition, no plumbing or electrical problems, an incredibly clean house, etc. You should also do yourself a favor and shell out for a home inspection and repair anything wrong. If you have a lot of things to remedy, then get an inspection again AFTER that so you can use that as a tremendous plus when marketing the house–here’s one you don’t have to worry about and spend a fortune fixing.

      You should also plan on offering a year’s homeowner’s warranty as with American Home Shield or such so, again, some of the worries of a new home are taken off the backs of a potential buyer.

      If you insist on no realtor, you should shell out for a real estate attorney to close the deal. Really. (Not an attorney nor related to one either, just have owned three houses and helped sell a few others.)

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      It really depends on your mortgage company. I am a Mortgage Broker in New Jesey and on a purchase here, you would need enough to cover title work on the home ( approx 1% of sales price) plus any unpaid fees, points on loan, property taxes, etc. However there are programs like sellers concession in which the mortgage company simply ups the sales price of the home by a max of 6% and then uses those extra funds to pay the closing costs. The only catch is that the home would have to appraise for at least the 6% over the sales price. Hope this helps….

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      The best way to get an estimate of your closing costs is to ask your REALTOR or your loan officer. And, by law, each of them should have given you a copy of their estimates at some point early in the transaction.

      The lender version is usually the closest because they know all of their fees more closely than the agent. I can usually get my estimates within a few hundred dollars as an agent.

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      You are entitled to an exact breakdown of the expenses at least 24 hours before the closing. This is part of the truth in lending laws. I would encourage you to get that HUD Settlement form from your lender the 24 hours before closing. Then not only do you know the expenses, you can compare it to what they told you in the beginning of the process and see if they tried to sneak in any junk fees and you can contest those if you want.

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